Kōgei, home design Made in Japan in the name of tradition

More and more interesting contemporary Japanese design, in particular the creations of "kōgei artists". Kōgei and a kind of traditional art created exclusively by hand, pure craftsmanship expressing in an unmistakable way the traditions and culture of a specific region or specific villages of Japan, each with his way of being to technique, materials and aesthetics precisely Kōgei, that is unique and original.

Every kōgei artist reflects the complex and evolving perceptions of this genre today. Drawing inspiration from current trends in Japanese culture, including animation, manga, design, and contemporary art, a kōgei artist reimagines conventional processes, surface treatments, ornamentation, and figurative expression to create inventive new forms for traditional use. A difficult challenge. The individualism found in these new works links them equally to art as to traditional craft, extending the vitality of kōgei into the 21st century.

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